Luis Suarez’s controversial hunger for the game was in full display today against Chelsea at Anfield. Though Suarez assisted on a beautiful goal and scored one of his own to tie the score in the last play of the game, what people around the world will forever remember is the sight of Suarez grabbing Ivanovic’s right arm, with both hands for a better grip, and biting his bicep. Not only did cameras capture the bite from at least two angles, but they also captured Ivanovic’s instinctive reaction to protect his flesh. The poor man even crossed himself — lest Suarez be a vampire?

Why? How could he? What was he thinking?

Suarez is a biter. Why this tendency was not nipped in the bud in infancy is a question best addressed to his parents. By way of explanation, one can say that against Chelsea Suarez was frustrated with his game. He had missed on a couple of chances to score in the first half, and it was Sturridge, not him, who scored for Liverpool to tie the game, albeit thanks to a lovely pass from Suarez. And just prior to the bite incident, Suarez had committed a silly penalty that allowed Chelsea to take the lead in the score. Plus Ivanovic was marking him closely, giving Suarez little room to make his speed and skill count. Suarez bit Ivanovic out of frustration and spite, acting with utter disregard for the myriad of video cameras beaming the game to the civilized world. Suarez may be a simpleton but he is not an idiot: he’s proven in several occasions that when under stress he will resort to bizarre behavior:
• during a WC qualifying match a week ago, Suarez surreptitiously punched a Chilean defender. The act was captured on video but it was not seen by the referee.
• last season, playing against Man U at Anfield, Suarez called Evra “Negrito.” Evra complained to the referee who reported the incident. Suarez was banned for 8 games and fined by the FA for racist behavior.
• Playing for Ajax, he bit a PSV player. As a result, Suarez received a 7-game ban.

His desire to win is legendary, and clearly it drives him to behavior well beyond civilized norm. Is his concentration on the pitch such that he tunes out everything? Perhaps. But is he so shameless that he simply does not care for the consequences of his appalling actions? Short of having Suarez play with a muzzle on, Liverpool will be better off selling him during the summer break, and investing on a player who will not bring the game, or the club into disrepute.

One more comment on Suarez and the bite. Football clubs should provide players with cultural education, especially foreign ones. Not too long ago, I came across an article that talked about the culture shock that Brazilian players go through when they arrive in Europe. In an extreme example of being penny wise but pound/dollar foolish, the article pointed out that clubs, both big and small, saw the expense of hiring a relocation service as unnecessary, and saw no problem in leaving players to fend for themselves in finding a place to live, a grocery store, a school for their kids, etc. Consequently, in most instances the performance on the field of these expats suffered, leading to disillusion, apathy, loss of form, etc. Apparently, a few of the big clubs are now offering relocation services to their foreign recruits, and have quickly realized of the benefits resulting from such service. Hopefully, clubs will also see the importance of helping their foreign players acclimatize to their new cultural milieu, and offer them coaching and what is expected of them, on and off the pitch.

2 Responses to “Luis Suarez Bites Opponent Again.”

  1. bakergirl72

    Suarez is now saying he is being hounded by British press, so he will have to escape from them (perchance freeing him to take an offer from Real Madrid?). Has been suggested that in his frustration he creates an unbearable situation for himself – ie biting, diving etc – which he then has to escape from. A genius manipulator – or a evil child? Hard to tell….

    • luisfrueda

      Suarez is a bit of a child, no doubt there. But what has got me steamed up at present is the role of players’ agents. Despite Suarez being under contract with Liverpool until 2016, Pere Guardiola, his agent, sees an opportunity to make a killer commission by instigating Suarez’ move to Real Madrid. Blaming the English press is disingenuous, after all, who — other than Suarez — can blame them for reporting Suarez’ bite of Ivanovic’s arm? Greed is driving Guardiola, and you bet Suarez will next year be a merengue. At least, Real will have to pay a silly amount of money for Suarez, which will also benefit Liverpool FC.


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